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Bingri Electronic Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

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About Us
Bingri Technology Shenzhen Co Ltd was established in 2002 We are the manufacturer of LED packages LED lighting and UV LED Curing Equipment Since 2007 Bingri has focused on UV LED curing solutions for different applications with its full effort and in recent years we have reached several high performances With the Chip on Board technique we specialize not only in LED package processes vertical chip ceramic substrates Eutectic bonding Quartz lens but also Matrix arrays customized optical parameters and air cooled thermal management systems Our UV LED curing systems have been the key solutions in the industry and have helped customers accomplish numerous fascinating achievements Also we were...

Categories and Products

Air Cooled UV LED Curing

UV LED Packages

LED Stage Light

LED Car Light

LED Packages

SMD Common Mode Coil

SMD Lan Transformer

SMD High Frequency Ferrite Inductor

SMD High Frequency RF Ceramic Inductor

Automotive Ferrite Common Mode Inductor

Products Keywords
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Light15W LED Stage LampUV LED Light BoardsLED UV Curing Light3W UV LED Lamp BeadUv Germicidal LampsSmall Size InductorCustom UV LED 400NMUv Led Package Lens15W Led Stage LightSmd Lan TransformerHigh Power UV LightOpper Wire Inductor380NM 385NM UV LampUV Light 360NM 6868Useful Stage LightsUV Light 400NM 6868LED Car LightsourceUV Light 390NM 6868Custom Car Led ChipLED UV Curing 370NMUV Light 365NM 6868Digital Dance FloorUV Light 370NM 6868RF Ceramic InductorUV Lights 365-410NMUV Light 395NM 6868UV Curing 365-410NMLED UV Curing 365NMLED UV Curing 360NMEpileds Chip UV LedWash Matrix Led BarLED UV Curing SystemHigh Powder Uv LampsSMD Ceramic InductorSMD Can Bus InductorPortable Uv Led ChipLED Car Source LightWhite Color Led ChipSMD Lan TransformersSmd Common Mode Coil120W UV Light ModuleUV Light 395NM 405NMLED Car Light SourceCustom Car HeadlightLed Rgbw Light ModuleUV Light Module 365NMUV Light Module 370NMFerrite Core InductorOroidal Core InductorCustom Metal InductorCeramic Substrate 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Size Lan TransformerInductor Inductance ChokesFunctional Led Stage LightBase Power Lan TransformerCustom SMD Lan TransformerHigh Speed Magnetic ModuleNew DJ Effect Stage LightsHigh Quality UV LED ModuleHigh Quality Core InductorTop Quality LED Stage LightCopper Wire Lan TransformerCustomizable Choke InductorCustom Coil Filter InductorShielded Power Inductor SMDWire Wound Ceramic InductorAutomotive Can Bus InductorMagnetic Core Inductor Coil20V Driverless Cob Led ChipLED Car Light Source ModuleLine Noise Filters InductorUseful Ferrite Core InductorCustomizable Stage Led LightProtable Uv Germicidal LampsTuff Plus 48w Led Work LightEasy to Install Uv Led ChipsHot Selling CANBUS Led LightLed Working Light for Trucks100% New SDM Lan TransformerCustom LED RGBW Light ModuleTinned Copper Wires InductorInductor for Audio EquipmentCommon Mode Coil Used As EMISwitching Regulator InductorCustom Ferrite Core InductorHigh Efficient Uv Led CuringTuff Plus 48w Led Work LightsGood Frequency Coil InductorsMagnetic Core Lan TransformerSwitching Regulator InductorsNew Design Wireless Led LightCommon Mode Toroidal InductorCustom Magnetic Core InductorTop Quality Toroidal InductorCustom Enameled Wire InductorNew and Hot Sell SMD InductorsRgb and White Color Beam LightMultilayer Chip Beads InductorMagnetic Ferrite Core InductorUv Led Moving Head Stage LightHigh Quality Large Current SMDCommon Mode Choke Coil for EMINew-set Super Slim Dance FloorElectronic Components InductorCustom Ferrite Multilayer ChipParty Night Club Bar Led LightFuntioanl Ceramic Chip InductorMultilayer Chip Beads InductorsHigh-frequency Ferrite InductorHigh Frequency Ferrite InductorWireless Charging CoilsinductorParty Night Club Bar Led LightsLan Transformer for ElectronicsSmd Lan Transformer for NetworkHot-Selling Coil Choke InductorUv Led Moving Head Stage LightsCommon Mode Choke Coil InductorMultilayer Ceramic Chip InductorTop Quality SMD Ceramic InductorHigh Frequency Voltage Inductors12W UV Light 385NM for FurnitureWire Wound Chip Ceramic InductorMolded Rf Ceramic Chip InductorsAutomotive Ferrite Mode InductorHigh Frequency Toroidal InductorRechargeable Uv Germicidal LampsTop Quality Base Lan TransformerCustomizable Mode Choke InductorCoil Inductors For Stored EnergyCustom Lan Isolation Transformer4-in-1 Function Control Led LightCustom Transformer for ElectronicCertificated 0805 SMD LED Chip LEDCustomized Designs Lan TransformerPortable and Easy Install Led ChipCustom Ferrite Core Coil InductorsHigh Frequency Rf Ceramic InductorHigh Frequency SMD Lan TransformerFerrite Core and Copper Wire CoilsFerrite Magnet Coil Choke InductorFerrite Magnet Coil Choke InductorsMnZn Nanocrystalline Core InductorsPulse Lan Magnetics Lan TransformerSMD Wire Wound Ceramic Chip InductorHigh Frequency Magnetic SMD InductorSMD Common Mode Line Filter InductorWires Inductor for Remote ControllerTop Qualtiy Lan Isolation TransformerSMD LAN Mode Power Supply TransformerSupport Four Single of Double ConnectSMD 1608 0603 High Frequency InductorFerrite Core Inductor for Pv InverterFerrite Inductor for Automotive SystemFunction Disco Moving Head Stage LightCommon Mode Chock Coil Filter InductorMode Coil for Switching Power SuppliesCustom Multilayer Chip Beads InductorsCustom High Frequency Toroidal InductorRod Air Inductor-ferrite Henry InductorHigh Frequency Magnetic Ceramic InductorSurface Disinfection Package Deep UV LEDLan Transformer for Home Security SystemHigh Quality Mode Coilis Choke InductorsHigh Frequency Magnetic Ceramic InductorsSmall Electrical Stabilized Voltage Transformer



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